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Re: moins sérieux........!

donne pls résultats que tu peux tester

philbur@alix1:~$ apt-cache search chess   résultat de la commande
3dchess - 3D chess for X11  je n'ai pas de carte 3d
cgoban - complete Go board
cl-cil - Chess In Lisp. A chess library in Common Lisp
eboard - A graphical chessboard program
eboard-extras-pack1 - Piece sets and sounds for use with the eboard chess interf ace.
emacs-chess - a client and library for playing Chess from Emacs
emacs-chess-pieces - XPM images of chess pieces for emacs-chess
gnuchess - Plays a game of chess, either against the user or against itself ????
gnuchess-book - Opening book for gnuchess
gnugo - play the game of Go
gnushogi - A program to play shogi, the Japanese version of chess.
gtkboard - many board games in one program
knights - A chess interface for the K Desktop Environmentje peux l'installer,je peux bouger les blancs,mais les noirs ne bougent pas ! configurer pour jouer contre l'ordi.
pgn-extract - Portable Game Notation (PGN) extractor
phalanx - Chess playing program
robotour - control mobile robots in this programmer's game
scid - chess database
sjeng - A chess program that plays many variants  ????????
tex-chess - Chess fonts for TeX/LaTeX
tex-skak - Chess fonts for TeX/LaTeX
xarchon - An X11 version of the game Archon
xboard - An X Window System Chess Board  ne bougent pas
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