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Re: make-kpkg problème

Le 19.09.2005 18:03:08, Philippe Merlin a écrit :
Merci de vos réponses, mais cela doit être autre chose.
1) le fichier /etc/kernel-kpkg.conf est vide.

Ce fichier vient avec le paquet kernel-package. Il a des valzurs prédéfinies pour différentes variables.

Peut-être devriez-vous réinstaller kernel-package ?

Voici l'allure que ça a :
# This file is used by kernel-package (>2.0) to provide a means of the site
# admin to over-ride settings in the distributed debian/rules. Typically
# thus is used to set maintainer information, as well as the priority
# field. However, one may hack a full makefile in here (you should
# really know what you are doing here if you do that, though)

# Please change the maintainer information, as well as the Debian version # below, (and maybe the priority as well, especially if you are uploading
# an official package)

# The maintainer information.
#maintainer := Unknown Kernel Package Maintainer
#email := unknown@unconfigured.in.etc.kernel-pkg.conf

# Priority of this version (or urgency, as dchanges would call it)
priority := Low

# This is the Debian revision number (defaulted to 1.0 in debian/rules)
# You may leave it commented out if you use the wrapper script, or
# if you create just one kernel-image package per Linux kernel revision
# debian := 1.0

2) Je n'ai pas de répertoire .debian.

Le répertoire s'appelle debian dans /usr/src/linux pas .debian


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