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lm-sensors et rivatv et i2c-dev


je cherche a installer lm-sensors sur une carte mere a7v8x.

We can start with probing for (PCI) I2C or SMBus adapters.
 You do not need any special privileges for this.
 Do you want to probe now? (YES/no):yes

Probing for PCI bus adapters...
Use driver `rivatv' for device 01:00.0: GeForce2 MX
Use driver `i2c-viapro' for device 00:11.0: VIA Technologies
VT8233A/8235 South Bridge
Probe succesfully concluded.

We will now try to load each adapter module in turn.
Load `rivatv' (say NO if built into your kernel)? (YES/no): yes
FATAL: Module rivatv not found.
Loading failed... skipping.
** Note: rivatv module is available at http://rivatv.sourceforge.net/

<<<<<J'arrive pas a trouver un package debian avec rivatv....>>>>>>

Load `i2c-viapro' (say NO if built into your kernel)? (YES/no): no
If you have undetectable or unsupported adapters, you can have them
scanned by manually loading the modules before running this script.

 To continue, we need module `i2c-dev' to be loaded.
 If it is built-in into your kernel, you can safely skip this.
 i2c-dev is not loaded. Do you want to load it now? (YES/no): yes
FATAL: Module i2c_dev not found.
 Loading failed, expect problems later on.

<<<<<<<<J'arrive pas a compiler un noyau avec ce module

Est-ce que quelqu'un peut m'expliquer

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