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Re: passage en UTF-8

Vincent Lefevre a écrit :

Je confirme. Mais pour info:


20050208 : Work starts on Unicode support
   Work has now begun on what has recently become the most requested
   feature: support for multibyte character sets. Initial changes are
   focussing on the line editor (ZLE). In advance of this commencing,
   4.2.2 was released. Further bug fixes to the 4.2 series are taking
   place on a branch and once there is something useful to test, a
   4.3 series will begin. The latest stable release is now actually
   4.2.4: there were a few bugs and compilation issues which needed

Merci pour l'info :-). Y'a-t-il des rumeurs sur une date de sortie d'une version de zsh supportant l'YTF-8 ?


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