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Re: passer la sarge en kde3.3

Selon David Soulayrol <david.soulayrol-ste-exterieure@fr.thalesgroup.com>:

> Salut,
> Dans un mail du 20 décembre, on nous annonçait la préparation de KDE 3.3 pour
> Sarge:
> The KDE maintainers have presented a plan for getting KDE 3.3 into
> testing that meets the release team's requirements for avoiding
> temporary breakage of testing in the process.  As a result, a final
> upload of kdelibs 3.3.1 is expected soon, after which the path should be
> clear for all of KDE 3.3 to enter testing within a week or two.
> Peut-être la transition a-t-elle avancé ?
> David.

Apparemment oui :http://packages.debian.org/kdelibs


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