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Re: [English Message] how to type the ligature and learn the french keyboard

Aryan Ameri écrivait :
 > Salut:


 > is it called in French by the way?) but I don't know how to type the 
 > ligature (like for the word soeur ? How shall I join the O and E 
 > together?) And I also have not been able to find the {} and [] keys in 

compose + o e

See you keyboard map for the compose key.

But you need a font which supports this sign... see font like
-iso-8859-15 (this is the 15 extension which is important).

 > the french keyboard, are they available?

of course : catch an eye to the xkeycaps application : choose PC, 105
keys and select a french keyboard. You will find the complete map.
 > BTW, I am using the default French keyboard, I also see two more french 
 > keyboards in my keyboard layout list, one called French Alternative, 
 > and the other one is French Canadian. I can guess what the French 
 > Canadian is, but what is the French Alternative? Which one should I 
 > use?

it depends on the map of your keyboard : there are at leat 3 or 4
french keyboards : one for Canadians, one for French, one for
Switzerland and one for (I don't remember ;-)).


 > Thanks for the help, and also please CC me in your replies, cause 
 > obviously I am not a member of the french list (yet)!

done : you can also read the answer to the Debian lists archive.


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