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[HS] MaxDB Debian packages


Pour info.


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I have prepared Debian packages of MaxDB release that can be downloaded from


or via apt-get if you add the following line(s) to your sources.list:

deb ftp://ftp.charade-db.org/pub/charade-db/debian unstable/
deb-src ftp://ftp.charade-db.org/pub/charade-db/debian unstable/

These packages aim to be compliant with Debian policy and therefore have some incompatibilities with the official MaxDB tar.gz-packages that can be downloaded from www.mysql.com:

- all config files are located in /etc/maxdb

- most of the MaxDB binaries are located below /usr/lib/maxdb, some binaries are located in /usr/bin, check the packages to see which are where

- database instance files are located below /var/lib/maxdb

- MaxDB shared libraries (ODBC, SQLDBC) are installed with versioned file names (e.g. libSQLDBC.so.7.5.00 instead of libSQLDBC.so as in the official tar.gz-packages). This might give you trouble if you want to run applications compiled with the official MaxDB packages on systems with the Debian packages installed and vice versa. Creating the appropiate symlinks should solve all problems though.

- everything has been compiled using gcc 3.3.2 from Debian testing (compilation on a current Linux distribution seems to allow volume sizes greater than 2GB by the way)

I have not checked whether a parallel install of MaxDB via SDBINST and these Debian packages actually works but in principle it should if you symlink the config files properly as the Debian packages use user 'sdb' and group 'sdba' just like the official packages. 'sdb' and 'sdba' will be created by the maxdb-server package if they don't exist yet. At the moment they will not be removed even when purging the package.

Currently, the packages are not available from Debian unstable. I will look for a sponsor though if the packages should get some positive feedback.

As these are no official MaxDB packages please send your reports about packaging-related bugs (and it's quite likely you'll encounter some) to this list or me directly and always state that you are using the Debian packages when asking for help on the list (in case it's a non-obvious packaging-related bug or a bug due to the different gcc versions used in the official packages and the Debian packages).

I hope you'll find these packages useful.


Thanks a lot to www.charade-db.org for hosting the packages.

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