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Re: TR: Juste un petit conseil...

Patrick Percot <ppercot@free.fr> writes:

> "alde" <alde-inquisiteur@wanadoo.fr> writes:
>> Désolé Christian cette @#*# de outlook ne fait pas de send a la liste si je
>> lui dit pas :(
> Gnus non plus, car il n'y a pas de Reply-To dans les entêtes des
> mails. 

Dans le buffer Group: clic droit sur la ML puis customize:

These special parameters are recognized by Gnus.
*To Address*: debian-user-french@lists.debian.org
This will be used when doing followups and posts.
    This is primarily useful in mail groups that represent closed
    mailing lists--mailing lists where it's expected that everybody that
    writes to the mailing list is subscribed to it.  Since using this
    parameter ensures that the mail only goes to the mailing list itself,
    it means that members won't receive two copies of your followups.

J'ai failli baliser [HS], mais ça colle avec le sujet...

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