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Re: Comment savoir si un kernel-patch est compatible ou non avec tell e ou telle version de noyau?

CAPRON Romain a écrit:

Demandez de l'aide hier concernant l'utilisation des kernel-patch-xxx.deb et
je remercie tous ceux qui m'ont répondu, en particulier Xavier Poinsard :)
Cependant, comment être sûr qu'un patch fourni par l'intermédiaire d'un
package kernel-patchxxx soit compatible avec telle ou telle version de noyau

Il me semble avoir vu dans les docs, que le contrôle est effectué, certainement par les scripts.

/usr/share/doc/kernel-patch-lowlatency-2.4# more README-kernelpatch.Debian
This package contains a kernel patch, which was packaged using
dh-kpatches 0.99.13.  Here is a generic description the behaviour of
such patches.  For generic instructions on using those patches, see
make-kpkg(8), its --added-patches option, and its PATCH_THE_KERNEL
environment variable.

- its application will by default only be attempted if the declared
kernel version for the patch matches the current kernel's version
(unlike patches produced with early versions of this package, which
attempted to do things the best they can, possibly producing some

- if this patch depends on other patches, they will be applied in
order, and will be removed in reverse order after this one will have
been removed.  It is not necessary any more to ask for explicit
application of these dependencies, but it is not an error to do so.

- for each patch you can set the KPATCH_<patchid> environment variable
to a specific kernel version, if you want to apply a patch that is not
declared to work on the current kernel.  This can be useful if you
want to test a patch on a brand new kernel release that was not
published at the time of patch packaging.  If the requested version is
not found, this patch application will fail.

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