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Re: [OT] Le journal du Net s'attaque au logiciel libre

par rapport à votre article
Faille critique sur le serveur Apache et vives critiques contre l'open source

je propose une suite:

Serious IIS Hole; Minor X Bug

BugPosted by michael on Thursday June 13, @09:10
from the truthworthy-computing dept.

EyesWideOpen writes "Microsoft announced Wednesday that there is a serious software flaw with its IIS web server. The 'vulnerability affects a function in the server software that allows Web administrators to change passwords for an Internet site.' A researcher with eEye Digital Security discovered the flaw in mid-April but it wasn't announced publicly because of an agreement with Microsoft. The Wired article is here and this appears to be the MS bulletin describing the vulnerability in detail." And several people reported this Register story on a way to DOS Mozilla users by trying to display ludicrously large fonts. Microsoft's time to patch a remote hole where the attacker can gain complete access to your computer: two months. Open Source's time to patch a much less serious bug where the attacker can merely crash your computer: three days.



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