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Re: la patate en français

Arthur wrote:
> Est-ce qu'on peut avoir la debian entièrement en français, et si oui
> quels sont les paquets à installer

$ apt-cache search french
amaya-dict-fr - French dictionary for Amaya
babytrans-dic-engtofre - english to french dictionary
sympa - Modern mailing-list manager
doc-debian-fr - Debian Manuals, FAQ and other documents in french.
manpages-fr - French version of the manual pages.
tcsh-i18n - TENEX C Shell message catalogs
ifrench - The french dictionary for ispell.
ifrench-gut - The french dictionary for ispell (GUTenberg version).
clisp - a Common Lisp implementation
truc - transfer big files through e-mail
language-env - simple configuration tool for native language environment
echo-linux - French on-line magazine "L'Echo de Linux"
maint-guide-fr - French translation of Debian New Maintainers' Guide.
gperiodic - A periodic table application for Linux, using gtk.
wfrench - French dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
xtel - An X emulator of the french Minitel.
doc-linux-fr - Linux docs in french : HOWTO, MetaFAQ ...
linuxconf-i18n - international language files for Linuxconf

Pour ma part, je conseille : doc-debian-fr, manpages-fr, ifrench-gut,
wfrench, doc-linux-fr.

Sinon, pour configurer la debian pour le français, voir :


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