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Ideas for Linux center something


My department is asking for ideas for a linux center among staff.

If you have any comments, please relay them onto me to pass them along.

I would like the department to tackle Debian (Skolelinux) tasks. I think
it is easier to get going than a Linux Development center.

Some resources set aside for testing kernels is probably most plausible.
That is do-able, and focuses on Linux. Although amongst staff "Linux"
probably means the whole distribution.

I don't see how my department can offer support. I know there
isn't enough expertise here. But perhaps as a host to the public and
businesses to show off "Linux", every now and then. Perhaps a host to
Install Days. Although this dept. is generally off limits to the public.
Esp. on weekends.

Getting businesses to partner with this department sounds interesting.
Perhaps some business like Sonera and Nokia could give us more resources
than just money to play with. Although we don't have much actual space
here at the department for machines.

Anyone familiar with any other uses of money/resources? I should
probably consult SPI. I noticed, was it, Gnome offering cash bounties
for particular jobs.


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