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The business of Debian

1) I am going to ask if we can use HU CS department facilities for a
hacking session. They have entire labs we can use to thorough testing
to SkoleLinux for example. The session will have to be scheduled for a
weekend. Please mail me personally what weekends are better.

2) http://www.venturecup.fi/
Ok, terribly cheesy. But I have been meaning to put forth a opensource
type business model in there by this WEDNESDAY deadline. I think it can
just be an idea at this stage. It would be good to see a "free" model
scrutinised, and it would perhaps create some publicity for open source.

OK, at the very LEAST if you and I have a part to proposal we get
invited to a party with FREE drinks and food! If you want to give me a
hand in next 48hrs, mail me off list again.


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