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Re: [Debian]:Swapfile

Hallo Michael,

* Michael schrieb:

> swapon meldet dann folgenden Fehler:
> swapon on /var/swap/swapfile.0
> rw_swapfile_page: bad swap file
> Unable to find swap-space signature
> swapon: /var/swap/swapfile.0: invalid argument

man mkswap:

       The  PSZ  parameter  specifies the page size to use. It is
       almost always unnecessary (even unwise) to specify it, but
       certain  old  libc versions lie about the page size, so it
       is possible that mkswap gets it wrong. The symptom is that
       a  subsequent  swapon  fails  because no swap signature is
       found. Typical values for PSZ are 4096 or 8192.

also z.B.:

mkswap -p 4096 /var/swap/swapfile.0



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