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Re: [Debian]: Swap-Space

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Volker Hejny wrote:

> Ich habe gelesen, dass Linux jeweils nur 128 MB Swap Space pro ??? (und
> 1. Stimmt das mit den 128 MB (bei viel Speicher ziemlich hinderlich).

Hallo Volker,

soweit ich sehe noch viel schlimmer:

Von : ftp://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/stable/disks-i386/current/install.html
Docu:         Installing Debian GNU/Linux 1.3             

Kapitel:      Partition Your Hard Disks


Your swap partition will be used to provide virtual memory for the system 
and should be between 16 and 128 megabytes in size,
depending on how much disk space you have and how many large programs you 
want to run. Linux will not use more than 128 megabytes of swap, 
so there's no reason to make your swap partition larger than that. 
A swap partition is strongly recommended,but you can do without one if you 
insist, and if your system has more than 16 megabytes of RAM. 


Mehr Docs und FAQs auch ueber


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