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We will not receive your email


You have received this message as a result of replying via email
to a RealNetworks Order Receipt or Customer Service message.  

We will -not- receive this email, and have no means of responding.

If you received this mail as a result of replying to your Order
Receipt from our e-commerce system at www.real.com or 
www.realstore.com, you will need to submit your service request
at the following URL:


If you received this message as a result of replying to a customer
service response, there are instructions on how to reply to
the customer service agent that responded to your inquiry. This reply 
method is handled with a web form, and you may find the URL in the
Customer Service response message.  

Thanks again for seeking assistance, and we hope that your problem is
resolved shortly.

Best regards,

Customer Service 
RealNetworks, Inc.

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