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Re: dfsg

On 3/5/2004, "Anders Ellenshøj Andersen" <andersa@fys.ku.dk> wrote:

>Hvorfor er der pludselig kommet en masse pakker i sid med endelsen dfsg?

Fra http://necrotic.deadbeast.net/xsf/XFree86/NEWS.xhtml (under 21.

"The next release of XFree86 packages to Debian unstable will be
versioned 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1, not 4.3.0-8. Some files in the upstream source
distribution contained object code with no corresponding source, which
violates the Debian Free Software Guidelines (see Debian bug #242865)."

Mvh. Kåre - <http://www.nightcall.dk/>

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