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RE: [AT-040322.30960] hello

This is an auto-response generated by FAB Corp's E-Mail 
tracking system to let you know we've received your email 
on 3/22/2004 at 4:16 pm.   

There is no need to reply to this message, it is just for 
your information.   

We have assigned a tracking number for this E-Mail, which you will
see in the subject line of email from us (AT-040322.30960).  Should you 
need to add more information to this message, reply leaving the 
tracking number in the subject line. 

Did you also know that you can view our full line of wireless 
products on line?    Visit our online store at http://www.fab-corp.com/ 
Thank you for your e-mail... please look forward to a response shortly. 
 FAB Corp Sales 

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