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Re: [info@fsf.org: Can you share our Vision Survey with others?]

Ho volia fer, però el mecanisme per recuperar la contrasenya del compte
no els funciona.

I'm using this express-made address because personal addresses aren't
masked enough at lists.debian.org archives.

El 28/01/16 a les 13:10, Ernest Adrogué ha escrit:
> Enquesta de la FSF; si hi voleu participar:
> https://www.fsf.org/survey?pk_campaign=survey-launch&pk_kwd=survey
> ----- Forwarded message from Free Software Foundation <info@fsf.org> -----
> Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2016 12:41:53 -0500
> From: Free Software Foundation <info@fsf.org>
> To: eac@opmbx.org
> Subject: Can you share our Vision Survey with others?
> Reply-To: Free Software Foundation <info@fsf.org>
> Dear Free Software Supporter,
> Thanks for filling out our [Vision Survey][1]. We're planning to publicly
> share insights from the results after the survey ends on Sunday,
> January 31st. Until then, we want to get more voices from every corner
> of the free software community. Can you help us by publicly sharing
> the survey today? If you use [social media][2], we suggest the hashtag
>  #fsfsurvey.
> [1]: https://www.fsf.org/survey?pk_campaign=survey-launch&pk_kwd=survey
> [2]: https://www.fsf.org/share?u=https://www.fsf.org/survey&t=The%20Free%20Software%20Foundation%20needs%20your%20feedback
> Zak Rogoff   
> Campaigns Manager
> One more thing: Last week we released a video of community members
> telling their free software stories. [Watch it on fsf.org][3] and if
> you like telling stories, consider sharing your own on social media
> (hashtag #freesoftwarestory).
> [3]: https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/what-is-your-free-software-story
> *Read online: <https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/vision-survey-closes-this-week-add-your-voice>.*

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