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Re: vlc amb so però sense imatge

> Doncs he remenat tot lo remenable d'on diu l'Orestes i res de res. He
> mirat les opcions de mplayer i efectivament fa servir xvideo. Però a
> vlc no he tingut sort. No sé si al Lluis li haurà anat millor...
> Ricard

Ho he estat mirant una mica i segurament els afectats som els que emprem
els repositoris d'en Marillat

cosa@ns:~/Incoming$ vlc El.Nucleo.avi -V xvideo
VLC media player 0.8.6e Janus
[00000303] main decoder error: no suitable decoder module for fourcc `XVID'.
VLC probably does not support this sound or video format.
[00000280] main playlist: stopping playback

 18/06/2008 :
Broken ffmpeg libraries :
Since Debian use the same soname packages name than my packages, official
packages (vlc, totem, etc...) linked against libavc* doesn't work with my
libavc* packages.
If you want to use vlc and friends you need to downgrade libavc* packages
to the official packages.
Beware : downgrading to these packages will remove all debian-multimedia
packages who depends on libavc*
To downgrade do the following :
dpkg -l | grep 3:2008
for each package echoed do :
apt-get install --reinstall <package>=0.svn20080206-8
0.svn20080206-8 is the unstable version and 0.cvs20070307-6 for testing
(check with apt-cache for the current version).

If somebody know a better solution tell me.

Ja direu ...

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