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Unnder the Radar Equity

Greetings Debian-user-catalan-request!
Fellow Investro. 
Early Monday 16 oct. ! MPRG.PK

  When was the last itme you were able to discover a High Profile 
Hollywood production company on the ground floor? 

MPRG's management has produced and/or develope dover 25 titles that 
have earned global revenues of over $1 billion!!! 

Rolling Stones Magazine gives " I trust you to kill me" 
with KIEFER SUTHERLNAD *** stars! 
Go watch th etrailer now! 

This review is bigger tha nhuge! 

Groundf loor opportunity, This company is on fire! 

  ****Go read all the News ReleasesN ow *** 

The Motion Picture Group, Inc. Co-Finances ''HOUND DOG,'' a Feature 
Film Starring , Dakota Fanning 

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