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ALSA + Emulacio OSS

Això diu la pàgina de l'SKYPE

        "Skype for Linux beta uses OSS (Open Sound System), using
        /dev/dsp as its audio input and output device. It works fine
        also with ALSA and its OSS emulation layer. Native support for
        other sound systems will be added in the future."

Tinc el kernel 2.6.6 que ja porta ALSA integrat però no veig cap opció
que parli d'Emulacio OSS

L'emulació hi és per defecte o estic mirant on no toca?

<*> Advanced Linux Sound Architecture                                        │ │
<*> Sequencer support
< >   Sequencer dummy client
<*> OSS Mixer API
<*> OSS PCM (digital audio) API
[*] OSS Sequencer API
[ ] Verbose printk
[ ] Debug
Generic devices  --->
ISA devices  --->
PCI devices  --->
ALSA USB devices  --->
PCMCIA devices  --->


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