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Issues connecting to a amateur server trough my linux router

Hola nois, us adjunto una qüestió adreçada a la llista de distribució LARTC.
Per alguna rao crec que la llista LARTC no es troba disponible, a veure si algú
de vosaltres em pot ajudar :)

Hi everybody

Im behind a linux Debian box with iptables configured to act as a
firewall/router of my home lan. As my internet link is an ADSL modem with MTU
1492 I have configured iptables to clamp packet size with "TCPMSS

It has worked fine for every server i have accessed during this year... but I
have found some problems when trying to connect to a friend's homepage hosted in
his own amateur server (using WIN XP i think).

I keep receiving the message "Discarding message (pdu 1502 > mru 1498)" on the
linux router. First I tough his firewall was refusing ICMP packets that request
fragmentation, but my friend says his firewall is off. I have tried to change
the packet size of my SYN request to establish the connection using a special
route to that host:
"route add XX.XX.XX.XX  gw 192.168.XX.XX mss 1400 eth0"
being the first XX.XX.XX.XX the IP of the host server... but this doesnt work :(

Any idea of what can I do? Or what can he do...
Would it help if i tell you the host im trying to access?
Thanks in Advance

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