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Starting off

I just got a SparcStation 1 that I'm hoping to install an OS on. I'm
thinking about Linux 2.2.x but please suggest others if they are feasible
(or if the machine is too slow for that stuff).

I'm not really sure how OS installs are supposed to go on suns, but I've
been "thunking" a bit and have some guesses:

1. Stick a PC scsi cd-rom on the scsi bus.
2. Make a Linux (UltraLinux in some distribution?) CD from ISO.
3. Get into the nvram somehow and boot from cdrom.
4. Linux installs just as on PC's.

Is this too simplistic?

Other questions:
1. The sun didn't come with a floppy. Will a PC floppy work? The connector
looks the same.
2. The machine has 32mb ram (I think) and a b/w video card. Will this work
for X? (The sunos currently installed has openwin, so I know framebuffer
is good, but the software's really screwed up good).

Thanks a bunch for any answers for a sun newbie.


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