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Re: strange dpkg -i error (well not so strange, but unexpected)

On Fri, Oct 08, 1999 at 07:29:13AM -0400, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> Hi,
> In trying to help keep .debs up to speed for the sparc distro I built the
> latest dpkg that was sitting in incoming (.14) ..no probs...then installed it..
> no probs...later I tryied to install a package that was needed to build another
> one..and got the following error.
> >> package architecture (sparc) does not match system (sparc64)  <<
> umm...I'm assuming this is a bug...  or is it?  Before I report it I wanted
> to make sure I didn't miss something in a posting or anything..
> Ivan

You are building on an ultrasparc I assume. You will need to "export
FAKE_SPARC=yes" in order for the configure scripts to detect you machine
as a sparc and not a sparc64 (hack in uname). Recompile dpkg with that

Just a quick note, for people getting ambitious and helping with the sparc
builds, please leave important packages like dpkg, gcc, X and glibc to
some of the more experienced with the porting. You can compile it to you
hearts content, just please don't upload :) If it isn't up to date, there
may be a reason for it.


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