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Trouble with booting on Ultra 2.


I just wanted to try Debian on Ultra 2 (with Creator 3D), 2GB RAM, but
have found a problem with booting from floppy :(((

So I do 
boot floppy
then standard initilaization of memory,
and when it try to read floppy it says:
"Fast Data Access MMU Miss"

Can someone tell me what it means? I take a look at open boot docs
find on docs.sun.com - but found nothing, about this :((
I take a look at the defaults in openboot - nothing special.
If it's important openboot 3.11.
I'm using this ones make from *-2.2.1-sun4u.bin images.

And btw. is there any good program for checking memory on sparc,
like memtest86?

Well if it won't work I will try to use TFTP :))), but I would like to
know why it doesn't work


                     Dariusz Puchalak <scorpius@stud.pwr.wroc.pl>
"I'm sure our friends in Redmond will work really hard and act as our beta 
site and find some problems, but they'll have to work a lot harder at it,"
                                                         Linus Torvalds

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