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Re: Hard problems to compile kernel !!!

Now i have done what you told me but with no success.
I complied ervery kernel from 2.2.1 to 2.2.10 alway with warnings and
errors, too.Can you or anyone tell me how to compile the 2.2.1 kernel.I am
happy with kernelversion 2.2.1, too.Why the errors. It seems to me that all
the kernels are testet for i386 or other environment but not for Ultra-Sparc
machines.I looked in some .c files which made problems and i thought that
there are mistakes.
Also the Ultra-Sparc debian kernel package didnt`t work on my machine.
Only the standard installation kernel seems to work correctly.Is there
anybody who knows that problems and is able to tell me how to manage it.

Thanx and best regards

Franz Skale
TechnooCore GmBH.
Austria !!!

To teach a cow to fly is much easier than to compile a kernel on an
Ultra-Sparc station !!!
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Betreff: Re: Hard problems to compile kernel !!!

> Sorry, I ment to say that there isn't a target for the compressed images.
> I have been using "make all" with what little success I have had ;-)
> HTH,
> Dwarf
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