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Hard problems to compile kernel !!!

Now i have successfully installed debian 2.1 on an sun UltraSparc 5/10 Station.
Installation-process was very tough and now i want to compile a new kernel depending on my needs.I think i configured the kernel correctly, made "make dep".
but after this step i am not able to compile a compressed kernel. Like "make zImage" or make "bzImage".Then i tried "make kernel", but after few seconds the error 127 occurs (?????).Something like "sparc64-linux-gcc: command not found" appeared on the screen.I tried different kernels, from 2.2.1 to 2.2.10.Ergo, always the same error occurs.Waht am i doing wrong ?
Can anyone help me compiling the kernel on a debian-sparc-machine ?
Best regard
Franz Skale

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