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Re: two issues: ssh and 2.2.9 kernel

Anton Blanchard <anton@progsoc.uts.edu.au> writes:

> > 2.2.9 seems to have fixed the high load problem.  However, there
> > definately *is* still a problem with gmp2 2.0.2-6.2 and ssh
> > 1.2.26-1.2.  As Ivan reported, it hangs on boot, sucking all CPU.
> > Very annoying.  I can neither ssh in nor out.

> There was a bug in the shared libgmp. I am not sure it will fix your problem,
> but it did fix kaffe from coredumping.

This fixes my ssh problems.  Somebody needs to merge this into the
gmp2 package.  Remember to change the rules file to pass both -fPIC
and -DPIC.  Also, the gmp2 package fails to build if umask is
something other than 022 and it may have some problems with fakeroot.


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