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framebuffer on ultra & debian 2.1 install-prob

1) We have an Ultra1 here and I put linux on it last december. Everything
works fine with one exception: Since I moved to kernel 2.2.5 and X 3.3.3
the bootom say 100 lines of the screen look destorted, because some of the
graphics in this area (I think its only the pixmaps) are drawn with a shift to
left wile other parts (text) are drawn at their usual places.

2) I tried to install slink to a sparcstation4 via tftp and nfs. Booting was
ok, but I didn't manage to set up nfs because of problems with the eth0:
device: the error-message was "wrong parameter". I tried both tftp-images ("old"
and new kernel; 32bit).

Are there any comments/suggestions?


Thomas Moschny

  |homas Moschny                 University of Wuppertal
  Theoretical Physics      Gaussstr. 20, 42097 Wuppertal
  Office: F 10.08               Tel: +49-(0)202-439-3517

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