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Re: installation question

Ryan Cresawn <cresawn@arbs1.larc.nasa.gov> writes:

> Debian users/developers,
> I am interested in installing Debian on my Ultra2 Creator 3D.  I have
> never used Debian before and therefore consider myself a newbie to it, 
> though not a newbie to Linux.  I currently have Ultra Penguin 1.1.9
> installed.  Is Debian ready to use for the UltraSPARC platform?  Where 
> do I get it?

Hmm, it looks like nobody responded to you yet.

Debian is ready for use on the UltraSparc platform.  I've been using
in on an Ultra5 for a few months.  If you get a copy of the "Official"
CD, it should be bootable on an Ultra2.  We also can do network
installs. (The Ultra2 doesn't boot from floppy, so floppy installs are
not an option.)  There are pointers to CD vendors and ftp sites at:


(If you have bandwidth, you can also download CD images.)

Note that the Creator server is unaccellerated.  I have a test version
of the accelerated server at:


which I can help you install after you get everything up and running.
(You will need to upgrade your kernel from the same site to use the
new X server.)  This changes will go into the unstable distribution,
as soon as the right kernels are uploaded into the Debian


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