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Re: Help offer

On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, David Andrew - Sun MDE wrote:

> Mark,
> Check out the dual boot howto at the Sun web site: 
> www.sun.com/software/Linux
The correct address is 

By the way does anyone know if it is possible to repartition a hard disk
whith Solaris already installed on it without damaging the disk and/or
loosing data? (Ultra1 with solaris 2.5.1)
If not does the method described in the howto allow also for dualbooting
if one installs Linux on a second Hard drive?

The problem is i'd like to try out Linux on my Ultra1 box but i HAVE to
keep solaris running on it as it is at work and unfortunately not at

Does anyone have some feedback on running BIG and NASTY Solaris programs
in emulation on an ultra with Debian?
I am referring to Cadence's CAD program...

Many thanks

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