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Re: Cluster Administration

On Mon, Nov 09, 1998 at 09:39:31AM +0100, Rainer Dorsch wrote:

> We have here a cluster of 30 SUN UltraSparcs and I am looking forward to
> see Debian UltraLinux. A major concern I have about Linux on UltraSparc
> is, that it seems to be difficult to keep on all the workstations exactly
> the same configuration and sharing diskspace using NFS.

This was discussed long ago (about 18 months ago) when the idea of APT
(Deity back then -- I liked the name) first came along. If you dig
debian-devel or debian-admintool (I think that's the name -- or something
close to it) by the time the Deity discussion began, you'll find a long
thread regarding an administration tool. That idea is REALLY good, the
concept is VERY developed, there was a LOT of discussion. Basically, it's a
client/server model arround this thingie Caldera is developing (the name
escapes my bad memory). The server would serve package lists,
configurations, etc, and the client could query for changes, updates, and
even run unattended upgrades and installations... if you are really
interested, dig for that discussion. It's worth it.


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