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Re: Helping the Ultra Sparc port.

> I have an ultra5 at home and would like to help with the 
> porting to the Ultra Sparc.
> One question first.  Is anyone using a second disk for Debian
> and dual booting between Debian and Solaris? 

No problem. You only need to use PROM command to boot different
disks. Different from PCs, you can boot from any devices.

I think you can also use SILO to configure dual-boot systems.
However, I am still learning this sophisticated SILO thing. :-)

> Where do I start?  What distribution are developers using?
> Now the scary question.  What needs to be done?

Currently, we use UltraPenguin-1.0.9 and started to develop
a Debian based system. Since gcc(egcs) is still working on 
64-bit SPARC support, we are mostly waiting for it in order
to create full 64-bit binaries. UltraPenguin-1.0.9 is 32-bit
except the kernel.


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