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Re: Ultra Sparc thoughts

I'll have to jump on here with a 'me too' as I'm currently downloading what 
I can of Ultrapenguin over a 28.8 modem :) I'll try some net booting 
tonight.  I just installed rsync and enabled tftpd, and I have the images.  
What does it need for a root file system, and what needs to be on it?


In message <87yaq0eaey.fsf@wsfs05.mckesson.com>, Stephen Zander writes:
>>>>>> "Ward" == Ward Deng <wdeng@KachinaTech.COM> writes:
>    Ward> I am going to make a gold CD-ROM for all you guys and mail
>    Ward> it to you today.  If other developers need it, please let me
>    Ward> know. Since UP-1.09 only takes 300MB and I like to know if
>    Ward> you guys need something else on the CD. I will certainly put
>    Ward> Netscape 4.5 on it.
>Yes, please.  I've not gotten anywhere near loading UltraPenguin on
>the Ultra2 I have here; a cd would be a great help (not to mention a
>great incentive :))

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