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Re: Kernel Build

In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.980923104035.17221D-100000@ruby.intranet.kachinatec
com>, Ward Deng writes:
>Hi, Nils,
>>   I have it checked out already... it's either in 
>> ux or in ~lohner/cage/home/lohner/work/linux_tree/linux.  It's checked 
>> from their CVS repository, and I usually keep it up to date.
>Good. I saw the source tree in the first path. Does that mean I need to 
>the kernel from that source tree? Which compiler should I use?
  I almost have a good compiler back in the main area... please don't 
rebuild the kernel yet.  I think I can get the new egcs compiler and glibc 
2.0.96 installed... I think I'd rather have the kernel built with the latest 
and greatest if at all possible.  I hope to get this done tomorrow sometime.


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