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Re: Getting involved with ultrasparc port (possibly)

> ;-) Well, like I said I have no desire to work with Solaris, so I definitely 
> do want to make Debian run perfectly on that UltraSparc I get.  I can 
> certainly promise (as I implied above) that I will do my best to further 
> debian port, and wouldn't even mind signing some kind of agreement if that was 
> needed.

It will be great. What we can do is to see how many people who are interested
in that. I am pretty sure I will have bargin power if we can gather more than

>  > > 
>  > > So how about that cheap ultrasparc for me? ;-)
>  > 
>  > We are here willing to do anything that we can to push this project going. 
> Let me know when the ultrasparcs are available.
> How has it been going so far btw?  I understand there is a remote box 
> Kachinatech provides already where some work has been done already.  How far 
> are we and can I get an account to play?

Currently, we are waiting for 64-bit SPARC support of gcc/egcs compiler. 
However, I think we should be able to work on bootstrap and installation
part with the 64-bit UltraPenguin kernel with Debian installer/ramdisk part.
Anyone give some guidance on that? I can work on that.

I will assign an account for you. Please subscribe to the mailing list:
debian-ultralinux@KachinaTech.COM since many system related things will be
discussed there.

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