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Getting involved with ultrasparc port (possibly)

Greetings, ultrasparc developers ;-)

I'm looking into buying my next home computer (my P75 is getting old, and I 
decided not to go with netwinder for now), and considering I'd like to help 
with one of debian ports, UltraSparc is an option.  I remember hearing that 
Kachinatech was going to sell Ultrasparcs at a discount for debian developers. 
I'd like to know what that discount would be .  I'd like to have a computer 
for under $3000, is that possible?  Alternatively, can I get a used ultrasparc 
somewhere for that price?  Please note I haven't looked at the prices yet, so 
I have no idea how realistic my ideas are :).

I've been with Debian for about 2 years, and have been a developer almost that 
long.  I like to think I know a lot about debian packaging and all the nuances 
that come with it, although I haven't tried hacking dpkg yet (that seems to be 
the ultimate feat that noone ever comes back from).    If ultrasparc is my 
primary computer, I will be sure to help the ultrasparc port a lot, because I 
would want everything to work right ;-).  This is in part the reason I want to 
buy it.

So how about that cheap ultrasparc for me? ;-)


Proudly running Debian Linux! Linux vs. Windows is a no-Win situation....
Igor Grobman           igor@debian.org                 igor@igoria.net 

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