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Bug#865493: cross-gcc-dev in stable does not apply to gcc-6 in stable

Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> writes:

>> Thanks for the report, Wookey. It looks like I already fixed this in
>> cross-gcc-dev=128. This doesn't affect stable, obviously. Did you want
>> to deal with that somehow, like in a backport, or something?
> cross-gcc has now moved on to v135. Does that still work in stable, or
> do I have to persuade the stretch-updates people to use a version no
> longer in unstable? Your recent changes may only be for gcc-7, so
> maybe the current version does work on the gcc-6 in stable, which has
> no gcc-7. That would simplify things.

I just checked. The patch set WAS updated to the later gcc-6 in sid, but
these updates only affected the line numbers, so the latest gcc-6
patches in cross-gcc-dev=135 do apply to gcc-6/stable (6.3.0-18), albeit
with a little bit of fuzz.

It looks like gcc-5 and gcc-7 are not in stable, so we only care about
gcc-6. Yes?

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