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Fwd: Need help on awk: fatal error

I've been trying to build a cross compiler for mips, i would rather do mips instead of mipsel for my debian jessie.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to.  I keep getting stuck at  "awk: fatal: cannot open file `debian/control' for reading (No such file or directory)" and from reading the bug report it shows this is fixed, but I'm not seeing how to apply any such fix on my end.  Please help.  

Most of the instructions I followed are from https://wiki.debian.org/BuildingCrossCompilers and this is running on a debian jessie 64 bit bare system in a virtual environment.  With chroot created for 32 bit debian jessie system.

Yes this is fairly new to me, it is my first cross compiler build.


Cephas Armstrong-Mensah

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