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Bug#766626: the package fails to build from source on buildds and has unmet dependencies

> That functionality has been backported to the buildd version in use on
> the buildds as well, but the team did not want to update them at the
> time as we approached the freeze, so it was agreed that cross-gcc
> packages targetted to build only on amd64 would be uploaded, and the
> uploaded amd64 binaries used for the time being.

> Once the buildds are upgraded the package becomes buildable. The team
> is looking into upgrading a buildd to jessie to do testing of changes,
> including this one.

The buildds have now been upgraded to jessie. The buildd-changes still
need to be applied to make these packages build. The relevant
wanna-build bug is #770925.

(In fact some builds with multiarch build-deps worked before the
jessie upgrade, but only due to the way the wheezy version of dose

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