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Re: Bug#780583: bashisms in rules template

+++ Goswin von Brederlow [2015-03-16 11:42 +0100]:
> Package: cross-gcc-dev
> Version: 13
> Severity: normal
> File: /usr/share/cross-gcc/template/rules.generic
> The rules.generic files uses "$(shell source ....)". That is a bashism
> and fails when /bin/sh is dash. Setting "SHELL := bash" at the start
> fixes that.

This has already been fixed in the git repo:

but that fix seems not to have made it into version 13 in jessie. Not
quite sure what happened there. I think it may have been stalled
waiting for cross-gcc-defaults 0.7 to make it out of NEW, where it's
been for 2 months (and 0.5 for a month before that).

> There is a second minor bug there when creating debian/control:
> awk: fatal: cannot open file `debian/control' for reading (No such file or directory)
> The rules files tries to parse debian/control to set PACKAGES before
> it is created.

Thanks for the bug report. Not sure this is RC enough to be allowed into jessie. 

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