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Re: Bulding cross-toolchains in the archive

Wookey wrote:

> This could be done as one package which builds binutils-<triplet> and
> gcc-<triplet>. In that case you could use the ubuntu package
> armel-cross-toolchain-base-<ver> as inspiration, but that can be
> significantly simplified as there is no need to do the 3-stage
> bootstrap, or build eglibc or linux-headers. 
> Or it could be done as a package that builds binutils-<triplet>, and
> another that builds gcc-<triplet>.

For binutils-<triplet>, see also [1] as another potential starting

gcc-<triplet> is harder because the project does not currently permit
cross-architecture dependencies.  (There are multiple reasons for
this, some having to do with tools, other having to do with need for a
coherent policy that would deal, for example, with what happens when
an arch is dropped.)

Thanks for a nice summary,

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/623953#20

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