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proposing gcc-4.2_4.2.4-5 for testing

please consider gcc-4.2_4.2.4-5 for testing; this is an update of the
gcc-4_2-branch with regression fixes only. comparing the results of the test
suite of this version with the test results of 4.2.4-4 shows no regressions.


 gcc-4.2  (4.2.4-5) unstable; urgency=low

   * Update to SVN 20090104 from the ubuntu/gcc-4_2-branch.
     - PR c++/27574, PR rtl-optimization/36438, PR c++/38007,
       PR middle-end/37807, PR middle-end/37809, PR bootstrap/33100,
       PR target/37909, PR c++/37142, PR c++/38030, PR c++/37932,
       PR bootstrap/37295.
     - Fix PR target/38287 (sparc, wrong code). Addresses: #506713.
   * Do not build-depend on autogen, if the package is not installable.

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