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List of packages most probably affected by PR35662

I wrote:

> I will post the list of packages that appear to be affected by PR35662
> later today in a follow-up message to debian-release@lists.d.o.

For your information, here is a list of source packages for which
current mips(el) binary packages in Sid are almost certainly affected by
gfortran PR35662 [1], as of 2008-04-16 at roughly 17:00 UTC.  The list
may be incomplete; see remarks below.  The versions of these packages in
Lenny are also most likely affected unless otherwise noted.

[1] http://gcc.gnu.org/PR35662

Please do not take any action on this list just yet.

==> On both mips and mipsel, in "main":

python-scipy/0.6.0-11 [version 0.6.0-10 on mipsel]
saods9/4.0b7-2        [not in testing]
scalapack/1.8.0-2     [not in testing]

==> Only on mips, in "main":

apbs/0.5.1-2 [mipsel binary has no sincos reference]

==> Only on mips, in "contrib":

ifeffit/2:1.2.10a-3 [never built on mipsel; version in testing
                     was built with gfortran-4.2 so unaffected]

==> On both mips and mipsel, in "non-free":

raster3d/2.7d+0-2 [version 2.7s-1 on mipsel; version in testing was
                   built with gfortran-4.1 so unaffected]

Caveats: I only checked binary packages with a direct dependency on
libgfortran3.  Since the script I used to do the checking used "nm -D",
static libraries, statically linked binaries, and object files (*.o)
were also not checked.  So most probably any libdevel source package
that generates only a static library (but no shared lib) did not get

After a fixed gfortran-4.3 package is available, I will recreate the
above list in order to request bin-NMUs.  Ideally, a fixed gfortran-4.3
package should be permitted to migrate into Lenny.  Otherwise, later
security builds of these packages in Lenny would re-break things.

The script I wrote to do the checks is attached.

best regards,

Kevin B. McCarty <kmccarty@gmail.com>
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