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Re: fw: gfortran transition release goal proposal

My fortran packages are non-free (pgplot5) or contrib (ifeffit). I have not yet had any time to determine if these are going to cause problems. I am sort of worried though because pgplot5 is quite particular.


On Sun, 22 Jul 2007, Riku Voipio wrote:


The proposal to transition from the outdated g77 to gfortran did
not result any comments. Which rises the suspicion that the maintainers
of affected packages are not reading debian-release or debian-toolchain.

If you have suggestions, critique, or you are busy but accept NMU'ing
your packages for gfortran transition.. please speak now.

Some of the packages gfortran transition affects are also affected by
the long double transition. This includes atleast the following fortran

lam, atlas3, fftw3, hdf5, mpich1.0, petsc, pdl

Therefor, I think it would make sense to start g77 -> gfortran
transition promptly, to avoid transitioning same packages twice.

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