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Newbie question: how to use toolchain-source to build gcc2.95

Hi all-
first, thanks to the developers and maintainers for coming up with this
system; it looks a lot easier than the last time I tried building a
cross-compiler from scratch :-)

The question- I need to have a 2.95.x gcc/g++ to do development for my
iPAQ, and currently the only available toolchain-source packages are for
gcc3.xx.  Is there anywhere were the old 2.95 toolchain-source is
archived?  (I don't want to eliminate the ability to download
pre-compiled (c++) packages built with 2.95)

I realise there are pre-built tool chains, or I could just get the
source and go nuts, but I'd like to try out the Debian approach, if at
all possible.

As an aside- I think it'd be advantageous to keep archive versions of
toolchain-source; e.g. if I were  producing a product and using Debian
as my development system.  I may need/want to keep the compiler version
used basically constant for the lifetime of the product (issues with
field updates if ABI's change, etc...) However, I want to be able to
leverage the power of Debian's package management system to track
At this point I can't see any way to do this- if you're going to use
toolchain-source, you get the latest gcc.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions


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