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Re: Geoff's gmon_start fix to binutil works! (fwd)

On Sun, 15 Oct 2000, Matthias Klose wrote:

> In gcc-2.95.2-13 I reverted the CVS updates from 20000313 to 20000220,
> because the resulting libstdc++ wasn't binary compatible (apt-get core
> dumped). Since then I didn't check again. Anyway, I upload a -17 which
> fixes two missing files in the -16 packages.

Ok, great.  The binutils packages are still building right now, but they
should be in incoming within an hour or so.  FYI, I already built i386
debs of the new release if you'd like them...

I believe I have access to a powerpc machine somewhere (I'll double-check
my email archives...SOMEONE gave me access awhile ago), so if I can get
a PPC build as well, I'll do that...


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