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Re: Installed gcc 2.95.2-16 (all source i386)

On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Matthias Klose wrote:

> Source: gcc
> Version: 2.95.2-16
> Distribution: unstable
>  .
>    * Applied the emdebian/cross compiler patch and documentation
>      (Frank Smith <smith@amirix.com>).

Not sure if this is the culprit, but the binary-arch target has
disappeared (or, more correctly, been commented out) from rules2.  In its
place, there's a $(binary_stamp)-arch-% target, which obviously doesn't
work unless directly called.  This problem should prevent any autobuilders
from properly building this upload (and it made me do a double-take when
my build died with the "Nothing to be done for `binary-arch'" error :-P).

I had a similar problem with binutils after applying the cross-compiler
patch, since they only added the new "binary-cross" target under the
"binary" target rather than the binary-arch target.  I'm guessing that
this was an oversight and was easily overlooked by me since, for the
upload, I was building for the binary target rather than just the
arch-dependent debs.

In case you didn't get my last message, and just to reiterate it, gpc is
still ICE'ing while building 2.95.2-16's gpc.  I still have the error log
if you need it or didn't get it before...


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