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gcc-2.95.2-0pre3 uploaded

gcc (2.95.2-0pre3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Updated to cvs updates of the gcc-2_95-branch until 19991019.
  * Apply NMU patches (closes: #46217).
  * debian/control.in: Fix egcs64 conflict-dependency for sparc
    architecture (closes: #47088).
  * debian/rules2: dbg-packages share doc dir with lib packages
    (closes #45067).
  * debian/patches/gcj-debian-policy.dpatch: Patch from Stephane
    Bortzmeyer to conform to Debian policy (closes: #44463).
  * debian/bugs/bug-*: Added test cases for new bug reports.
  * debian/patches/libstdc++-bastring.dpatch: Patch by Richard Kettlewell
    (closes #46550).
  * debian/rules.patch: Apply libstdc++-wall2 patch (closes #46609).
  * debian/README: Fix typo (closes: #45253).
  * debian/control.in: Remove primary/secondary distinction;
    dbg-packages don't provide their normal counterparts (closes #45206).
  * debian/rules.patch: gcc-combine patch applied upstream.
  * debian/rules2: Only use mail if with_check is set (off by default).
  * debian/rules.conf: Tighten binutils dependency to

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